cuttingsoapcloseWe started making soap in our country kitchen on New Year’s Day 2013. We love ushttp://www.hollyandroses.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=mojo-themesing it and haven’t used liquid soap since. We make cold process, cold/oven process, and hot-process soap using the finest cosmetic-grade ingredients.

Size and weight vary because each bar is individually hand cut. Bars weigh between 3.15 and 7 ounces.The soap you receive may not match the bar in the photo since each bar is unique. Soap loses weight as it dries, hardens and mellows.

We’re constantly learning new ways to add variety to our soaps by learning from other soapers who post videos on You Tube. And we research methods, old and new.

We also make lip balm and hand-crocheted hot pads in a variety of vivid colors.

All of our bath and beauty products are made from plant- and/or earth-based components unless otherwise indicated.

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