Most orders ship within two days and will arrive within two days, depending on where you live. Shipping costs are $1.75 per bar of soap within the USA and $2.25 elsewhere.

If you refer anyone to us who places an order for soap, we’ll send you a free bar of your choice. Just have the buyer include your name with their order and we’ll contact you via email to see which soap you want.

Word of mouth is the best advertising. If you’re happy with our products, please tell others and come back to our website to leave a comment and rate* what you bought. If you’re unhappy with a product and/or have comments/suggestions, please email us. We won’t know what to fix if we don’t know there’s a problem. And you may have an idea for a new product we haven’t thought of.

Each bar of soap will be shrink-wrapped to retain freshness and scent and will be labeled with our personal Holly & Roses label.

Thank you so much for looking at our products, and even more thanks if you buy something and refer others!

*To rate a product and leave a comment, please go to the “Shop” page, find the product you bought, click on that item, then use 1-5 stars to rate it and leave your comment. And again, we thank you!

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