Long-lasting, skin-friendly soap


This all-purpose soap not only has excellent cleansing properties, but is gentle to sensitive skin. It’s a long-lasting soap that will last for months even with daily use. These bars have a “Manly Scent.” The brother of one of our instructors developed the formula and gave it that name. However, my wife and other women really like the fragrance.

The scent is probably the longest-lasting of any of our soaps. Typically, scents tend to fade over time, but not the manly scent. I’ve washed my hands with a bar of manly scented soap that’s at least a year old and after I dried my hands, I could still smell the scent on my hands. Very nice! Very intense!

Ingredients: Canola, castor, coconut, olive, and palm oils; cocoa butter, beeswax; rainwater, lye; and a proprietary blend of essential and fragrance oils. Lye is used to turn the fat into soap and doesn’t remain in the finished product.

Additional information

Weight 5.3 oz
Dimensions 3.37 × .88 × 3.37 in

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