Hope and Faith

As our inventory diminishes, we just looked at each other today and said, “We need to make soap!” So that’s what we’ll be doing in the weeks ahead.

So far life under the ridiculous unconstitutional shut down by a tyrannical governor hasn’t changed much for us. All the places, except restaurants, we patronize remain open and we don’t miss all the meetings we used to go to. In fact, I think we’ll no longer attend most of them.

It doesn’t make sense that pot shops are open for business, but our favorite Mexican restaurant can do only take out, which isn’t the same. Or that grocery stores remain open, but one can’t go to church. Or that a person can get his dog groomed, but not get a haircut.

It’s obviously political. Otherwise why would Republican governors and people be for opening up for business, while the democrats want to stay closed for three months?!

It’s time for businesses to reopen, defying the governor and her groupies. They can’t throw everyone in jail.

There’s hope for the future and we have faith things will get better soon.