Lavender Bomb


We’ve made soap several times since the last post. Some awesome lemongrass that’s not on the website yet. It’s one of my favs.

I wrote before about soaps that bombed and she said I should remove it, so I did. However, it tends to make the website sterile, less real life. So we’ll no longer present only successes.
We made soap Sunday, the large batch where we make two soaps. I made lavender swirl and she made rose, standard soaps in our inventory.

No idea what happened but the beautiful powdered color I used (hadn’t used before) turned mud brown the moment the fats and lye hit it. Smells good like lavender, but the color is chocolate instead of purple.

Our friend, Amanda, suggested calling it “Baby Sham Poo,” and we may do just that.

The white portion of the soap she was making set up like rubber before she even got it into the mold so she had to rebatch it. It turned out nicely, with a light pink on the bottom and white on top. Sweet rose scent.

Helps us realize we need to make soap more often. We tend to go in spurts and then don’t do anything for a long time.

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