Making Smaller Bars

Soap Width

Soap Length

Soap Height

We’ve decided to make smaller bars of soap. Traditionally, we’ve been making bars about 1 inch thick, by 3 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches tall, depending how high we “stack” it. If we stacked it high, like on the Green Goat, bar weights go well over 6 ounces, and the price rises accordingly.

In the photos, the traditionally sized bars are in the rear of the first photo and on the right in the next two photos. As you can see, they are taller and thicker.

The newer, thinner bars are in the front of the first photo and on the left in the next two photos.

(Bars are, from left: Cotton Candy, Poppyseed Plum, Apple Sage 2nd Gen, Apple Sage 1st Gen, Magenta Lavender, Blue Marble, Sutter’s Gold, and Green Goat.)

The Poppyseed Plum bars taper from 3 1/4 inches wide at the bottom, to 3 1/2 inches at the top, are just under 3/4 inches thick and 2 3/16 inches thick.

The Cotton Candy bars are 3 1/2 inches wide, 11/16 inches thick and about 2 inches tall.

Both of these bars weigh just under 3 ounces, so the prices have been reduced accordingly.

The 1st Generation Apple Sage bars weigh an average 3.9 ounces and the 2nd Generation bars weigh 3.35 ounces

The Blue Marble and Magenta Lavender bars are cut along our traditional lines, so they weigh 4.55 and 4.65 ounces respectively.

The Green Goat weighs 5.45 ounces.

Prices are based on the weight of the bar and the complexity of the soap-making process.

We’re hoping that smaller bars and lower prices will appeal to a wider range of customers.