Monkey Farts!

Today, Dec. 11, 2018, we made a batch of soap with some new elements. Most noticeable is the fragrance oil called Monkey Farts. They say it’s a tropical blend of bananas, pineapple, coconut, and mango.

Reviews of the scent rave about how it’s their most popular scent and they can’t keep their soap in stock, it’s so well liked.

We also added a new fat to the blend: Avocado Oil, which is supposed to be wonderful for the skin.

This soap was her idea, and she thought about the design for several days before we started making it. She used Bramble Berry’s Cappuccino Mica to color the base, then BB’s Tangerine Wow and Fizzy Lemonade, Mad Micas’ Radioactive Green and Grape Ape pigments.

Her idea was to swirl the bright colors with the dark brown to make beautiful contrasts. Since Monkey Farts is one of those fragrance oils that discolors brown, we put it only in the Cappuccino portion, not in the other colors.

She did the hanger swirl, her first, since I’ve always done them before.

We’ll cut later today, or maybe tomorrow, after it has sat long enough in the oven.

PS: Much later this evening: We really went crazy today, ended up making three batches of CP/OP soap.  Only trouble is trying to figure out how to do that with only one oven. I’m thinking that in the future, if we want to make soap back-to-back, one of them needs to be hot process.

Dec 14: Well the Monkey Farts was a disappointment. The beautiful top didn’t go throughout the bar and the hanger swirl didn’t turn out. On top of that, the fragrance is barely detectable and doesn’t seem that delightful. One problem is that the fragrance is only in the brown, which limits its exposure. The FO was put only in the brown because it discolors brown and we didn’t know how that would affect the bright colors we wanted.