Spirulina Goat Milk



We used to call this goat milk soap “Green Goat” because it’s made with spirulina (blue-green algae). The spirulina in this wonderful cold-process soap turns tan as it dries, which probably made people wonder why we called it Green Goat. In a previous version, we changed to hot process, hoping to keep the green color. However, as time passed, the green turned tan anyway. So we decided to go back to our original cold process.

However, this batch is actually French milled, which means we rebatched it by chopping it into small pieces and melting it in a crock pot because it didn’t turn out like we wanted. So the end result is more like hot process.

These huge bars, weighing nearly 6 ounces or more, produce a luxurious creamy lather packed with natural oils. The finely ground mint acts as a gentle refresher and exfoliant. My wife uses this soap every morning to wash her face and raves about how her face feels.

The aroma is a pleasing blend of peppermint, clove and rosemary essential oils. Please note these are essential oils, not fragrance oils. Wonderful for waking up to.

Notice the way the soap looks in the photo at the top. It’s dark-green, but will keep changing color to look more like this photo of our original soap.

Ingredients: Avocado, castor, coconut, olive, and palm oils; our home-rendered beef tallow; peppermint, clove and rosemary essential oils; spirulina, goat milk, and our own homegrown ground mint; lye, rainwater.

Additional information

Weight 5.8 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1 × 3.25 in