Crazy Past Few Days

Doubt if anyone reads this blog, so talking to myself, but that’s OK.

Our website host jacked up the price for renewal, so we changed to, which was one of the top-two picks by “PC Magazine.” In the process, the website transfer seemed to go awry and I spent a lot of time on email and chat between old and new hosts. Basically, the website wasn’t showing any of our soaps and I couldn’t go in behind the scenes to change things.

I wrote one or two blogs and changed some fonts, then when they migrated the website again, all was lost. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong and said the problem was with our theme, “Storyteller,” and we needed to change themes. I looked at a few, but I really like Storyteller and didn’t another theme I liked as well or better.

I was just about to make the switch when suddenly the website started working. The tech guys at Hostwinds have no idea what happened, said they didn’t do anything, so it’s a mystery, but I’m not complaining.

Today I sidelined all the old material and got 16 of the soaps in our inventory listed. I think it’s a record for being up to date and having that many on the website.

We also went crazy making soap. Between Oct 28 and Nov 30, we made nearly 200 bars. That’s not much for a lot of soapers, but it’s huge for us.