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We made another batch of hot process apple sage-scented soap today. It’s become one of my favorite scents and is long lasting. I unwrapped a bar that was more than a year old and it still smells so strongly that I can smell it when I walk into the bathroom.

The trouble is that the new bottle of apple sage fragrance oil I opened today isn’t the same as the original bottle we bought. It smells differently and is much lighter in color, almost clear, whereas the original was more of an amber color.

I don’t think it smells nearly as nice and tried to contact our supplier twice, only to get voice mail. We cut the bars today and I’m not sure how they smell. Need to give them a couple days to dry out.

UPDATE Dec 4, 2018
Went back to our supplier and she said she told me there were two kinds of Apple Sage and I needed to be sure to get the right one. She also said I came into the store once, she asked me if I wanted any Apple Sage, and I said I’d wait. When I did go to buy it, she wasn’t there and the person who waited on me didn’t warn me.

I don’t remember her version except it’s true she wasn’t there when I bought it. I knew I was running out and went there twice to see if she had it and she didn’t. Doesn’t make sense, if she had it, I’d say I’d wait and get it later.

Anyway, she took the bottle back and gave me a new bottle. I hadn’t used much of the new, probably only about six teaspoons. The new fragrance oil obviously has vanilla in it, which is known for turning soap brown. We learned the hard way last year.

Compare photo on left with the one on right. The left photo shows the soap right after we cut it. The right photo is what it looked like after a couple weeks. Very disappointing, plus doesn’t smell nearly as good as the “real” Apple Sage, which is why we made another batch, Apple Sage IV.