Cutting Soap Quandary

Old Cheese Slicer Cutter

I haven’t been happy lately with the way we’ve been cutting our soap. We’ve been cutting the soap in the miter box mold just like you’d cut a piece of wood, lining up two slots in the sides of the box to slide the blade through.

Over the years, we’ve used a kitchen knife, a little home-made cheese slicer-type cutter we found at Goodwill (like I’m using on our home page), and lately we’ve used a flat blade and crinkle blade on the miter box. We have another cheese slicer-type that broke the first time we used it.

Blade Cutters on Cheese Slicer

Crooked Soap

The trouble with the miter box is that the soap sticks up above the cutting slots, so if one isn’t careful, which I evidently am not, the cut ends up being curved, to bring the blade back in line with the slots.

They make beautiful multiple-wire cutters that cut an entire loaf at once, but most are in the $250-$300 range and I just can’t see paying that for the level of production and experience we’re at. Maybe if we sold more soap we could afford it.

I’ve also seen a nice single-wire cutter on Etsey for about $98 that we might consider. In the meantime, I think we’ll go back to the little old cheese cutter, or the newer cheese cutter if I can find a strong enough wire, like a guitar string or 20-22 gauge piano wire.


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