Rebatching Sutter’s Gold Rose

Shredded Soap

She wasn’t happy with the way Sutter’s Gold Rose soap turned out after setting up on us, so she decided to rebatch it even though I discouraged her. I knew it would be a lot of work without a guarantee of better results.

She cut the soap into its three colors and and shredded it. Then she put each color into its own crockpot, added water at the rate of 4 oz per  pound and started cooking. When the soap started getting pretty soft, like thick frosting, she added a pipette of Egyptian Rose essential oil, another ounce of water and two teaspoons of yogurt.

I couldn’t tell if the yogurt or additional water made a difference in the fluidity. It certainly wasn’t pourable.


Then, using a narrow flat spatula, she layered the soap into the mold. We banged the mold on the counter many times, trying to eliminate bubbles, but I’m not holding my breath. Hot-process soap tends to have voids, and the rebatched soap behaved much the same as hot process. We’ll see when we unmold it.

At least she’s happy, and that’s what counts. I stayed out of her way, helped as I could and made suggestions when asked. It was her project from the beginning.


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