Having Fun

Sutter’s Gold

Getting in gear is an understatement. We’ve added 64 bars of soap to our inventory since Jan 2. We made 12 bars of cold process with rose scent Jan 2 called Sutter’s Gold after a favorite rose. However, she isn’t happy with it and wants to rebatch it. It was supposed to be a triple-color swirl, but started setting up before we could pour it, so we glopped it into the mold, sort of like how hot process sometimes turns out.

Adding Color

Next, we made what we call Yvonne’s Hot Process, after one of our instructors. It’s such a large batch that we split it in two and she made blue marble manly scent out of her half and I made magenta lavender out of mine.

Green Goat

Yesterday, she made her green goat recipe hot process for the first time to try to maintain the green color from spirulina. Usually, when doing it cold process, the lye turns the green spirulina brown after a few days. People probably have wondered why she calls it green goat. By adding the spirulina after the soap cooks, there’s a better chance it will stay green because the lye and oils have saponified. And so far it has.

Loading Mold

Then I made a batch of hot process red-white-and-blue with spearmint scent. More on that in a separate blog entry.

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