Getting Back in Gear

Manly Blue Marble and Magenta Lavender

I apologize for letting the website languish for the past year. For much of that time, “she” has been gone, caring for aging parents, so it’s been just me, my faithful sidekick Kadie Bear, Abbie Cat Kid, our late curmudgeon cat Fritz and three hens.

We continue to sell soap at the local senior center and to a few faithful friends, so the inventory is pretty low, with many soaps out of stock.

However, “she” came back and we started making soap last week. We made a batch of cold process soap we called “Sutter’s Gold” after one of our favorite roses. However, it started seizing before we could even get it into the mold. So much for the swirl we’d planned. No idea what went wrong. We did the CP/OP (cold process/oven process), so it’s pretty much ready to go. It’s scented with Egyptian Geranium Rose EO.

Two days ago we made a big batch of hot process soap, with half of it being the blue marble manly scent, which is pretty popular with several people and has a long-lasting scent. We’re using a nearly 2-year-old used-up bar in a bathroom and it still smells as strong as the day we made it.

The other half of the batch is scented with lavender and has a beautiful light magenta color.

That’s nearly 10 pounds of soap, with 30 new bars, not counting the dozen Sutter’s Gold bars.

We’ll be making more soap in the days ahead, with most of it being hot process or CP/OP, so it won’t need to cure for six weeks. I’ll try to get it photographed and up here on the website as soon as possible.

I wrote this several hours ago only to have it disappear each time I tried to post it. Finally got some help from ehost tech support and have been working the past couple hours trying to restore things. A couple blogs disappeared, but it’s probably no great loss.

Doubt if anyone reads this blather, but if you do, thanks for reading.

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