New Soap After Long Hiatus

After nearly 10 months of inactivity, we finally went on a soapmaking binge, almost having to relearn how we used to do things. We went crazy, making five kinds of soaps, one of which was a rebatch from some rose-shaped shape that had more bubbles than she found acceptable.

The photo shows lavender-scented bars on the left and double-mint bars on the right, which are scented with peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

Lavender and Double Mint Drying.

It feels good to be making soap again and we’re not done yet. Thanks to some very talented soapmakers on You Tube, we’ve discovered a wonderful company that makes amazing colorants. They’re called Mad Micas and they make the most amazing, vibrant colors. For instance, the colors in the picture are Grape Ape Mica on the left and Voodoo Red on the right.